• We offer a dedicated service to our customers to ensure we enter you into a minimum of 80 prize draws per month, utilising our expertise and resource and saving you time and money otherwise spent searching about, entering and paying postage and online charges.

• Our dedicated team research the best prizes that are available.

• We have guaranteed winners every month.

• Once you’ve subscribed sit back and relax – if you’re a winner you will be notified as soon as possible.

• We offer value for money and with that in mind we offer a dedicated games section where you can let off some steam and have fun – you can even let your friends know how well you’ve done.

While we aim to make our service as easy as possible to follow, we’re aware that you may have a question or query which hasn’t been covered. So we’ve collated the most common queries and hope they satisfy any questions you have.

If you have any further questions, then please contact us at contact@richyrewards.com.

Richy Rewards - FAQs

Let’s get to the point - what are my chances of winning?

Although we cannot guarantee you will always win, we make every effort – both in terms of entering you into a minimum of 80 prize draws per month as well as introducing exclusive member-only prize offerings – to enhance your chances of success. Your success is our success.

Richy Rewards - FAQs

That’s fine but what kind of prize draws am I signing up for?

You will be entered into over 80 prize draws per month to win prizes such as cars, consoles, laptops, holidays and cash - things we all like.

Richy Rewards - FAQs

How do I know you’ve actually entered me for the prize draws?

It is in our interest to have as many winners as possible. To do this we ensure we are fully compliant in terms of entering as many customers into as many prize draws as possible. We publish all the prize draws that our members are entered into in the following month. The prize draws published on our website are our prize draws where customers of Richy Rewards or sister brands are entered into.

Richy Rewards - FAQs

I don’t live in the UK, can I subscribe?

At the moment we only cater for UK residents, aged 18 or over.

Richy Rewards - FAQs

When do you start entering me into competitions?

After joining us you will receive an email notification to indicate you’re on board. Soon after you will receive a welcome pack containing your membership details. You will then be entered into competitions the following month.

Richy Rewards - FAQs

How will you let me know if I’ve won?

Although we automate the process of you entering the prize draws the actual competition organiser contacts you directly to let you know you’ve won - if you do win anything we would love it if you could contact us to let you know as we do like to share as many successes as possible. If you do receive a win notification there is always an outside chance it could be false.

Below are some notable signs to be wary of. If you are asked to call a premium rate number, if you are asked to attend a presentation, if you are told not to let anyone know you’ve won, if you are asked for any further payments, if you receive the notification from an automated phone message.

Richy Rewards - FAQs

How do I know you will protect my personal information?

Good question. Your details are confidential and are not passed on to third parties. Additionally we have a stringent privacy policy in place which you can view at any time.

Richy Rewards - FAQs

What if I ever change any personal details?

Just let us know by email at contact@richyrewards.com or post Richy Rewards, Crown House, 94 Armley Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS12 2EJ, clearly detailing your name and customer number.

Richy Rewards - FAQs

If I ever wanted to leave the service what do I need to do?

Just send us an email to contact@richyrewards.com confirming your departure from Richy Rewards and your membership number.