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It’s time to choose your package. We have two opions for you to choose from.

RR Membership FREE

The RR membership allows you to submit deals, freebies, vouchers and competitions to the website.

Hold on… Maybe you don’t want to post deals? You can still get involved by posting comments accross the website!

Track your progress. As a member you’ll earn points for every deal, freebie, voucher and competition you submit that goes live on the website. You get 1 point per deal, 2 points per freebie, 3 points per voucher and 5 points per compettion.

NEW – Submit the most deals, freebies, competitions or vouchers to become number one in the monthly leaderboard. Whoever’s at the top of the leaderboard at the month get’s a prize!

Best of all, it’s completely free!

Premium RR Membership Recommended

The RR premium membership includes all of the benefits of the “RR Membership” and also includes exclusive extras!

As a premium RR member you have access to exclusive high-value bonus competitions and you also get submitted automatically into over 80 competitions every single month!

  • Only 1.84 per week.(7.99pm)
  • Best value in the UK
  • Less than 10p per competition.
  • Get entered into at least 80 competitions per month.